Acoustic Waveguide technology
Why you don't need a larger system to hear rich, lifelike sound

Thirty years ago, filling a room with sound meant filling it with equipment.

It was an almost universal belief that you needed a large component system to create full, rich sound. That usually included enormous speakers, the rack of components required to power them and a complexity level every bit as sizable as the system itself.

Bose® research hinted at a better way, a solution that would provide full sound quality in a compact system without the need for components. Traditional approaches determined it couldn't be done, but tradition didn't account for revolutionary acoustic waveguide speaker technology.

Start with the challenge we faced

The Challenge
Why couldn't you have one simple, compact system for enjoying high quality sound?
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The Solution
A revolutionary technology that redefined what was possible with music
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Applied Learning
Delivering unique solutions to a variety of challenging applications.
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