Can an automobile suspension be dramatically improved through research and innovation?

The Bose® suspension system includes a linear electromagnetic motor and power amplifier at each wheel, and a set of control algorithms. This proprietary combination of suspension hardware and control software makes it possible, for the first time, to combine superior comfort and superior control in the same vehicle.

Linear electromagnetic motor

A linear electromagnetic motor is installed at each wheel of a Bose equipped vehicle. Inside the linear electromagnetic motor are magnets and coils of wire. When electrical power is applied to the coils, the motor retracts and extends, creating motion between the wheel and car body.

One of the key advantages of an electromagnetic approach is speed. The linear electromagnetic motor responds quickly enough to counter the effects of bumps and potholes, maintaining a comfortable ride. Additionally, the motor has been designed for maximum strength in a small package, allowing it to put out enough force to prevent the car from rolling and pitching during aggressive driving maneuvers.

Power amplifier

The power amplifier delivers electrical power to the motor in response to signals from the control algorithms. The amplifiers are based on switching amplification technologies pioneered by Dr. Bose at MIT in the early 1960s — technologies that led to the founding of Bose Corporation in 1964.

The regenerative power amplifiers allow power to flow into the linear electromagnetic motor and also allow power to be returned from the motor. For example, when the Bose suspension encounters a pothole, power is used to extend the motor and isolate the vehicle's occupants from the disturbance. On the far side of the pothole, the motor operates as a generator and returns power back through the amplifier. In so doing, the Bose suspension requires less than a third of the power of a typical vehicle's air conditioner system.

Control algorithms

The Bose suspension system is controlled by a set of mathematical algorithms developed over the 24 years of research. These control algorithms operate by observing sensor measurements taken from around the car and sending commands to the power amplifiers installed in each corner of the vehicle. The goal of the control algorithms is to allow the car to glide smoothly over roads and to eliminate roll and pitch during driving.

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The Bose Suspension System Linear electromagnetic motors installed at each wheel are controlled by a set of proprietary algorithms.

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The Bose® suspension uses a modular approach to replace a vehicle's original suspension.

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