The Bose® Suspension System
Resolving the conflict between conform and control

Every automotive suspension has two goals: passenger comfort and vehicle control. Comfort is provided by isolating the vehicle's passengers from road disturbances like bumps or potholes. Control is achieved by keeping the car body from rolling and pitching excessively, and maintaining good contact between the tire and the road.

Unfortunately, these goals are in conflict. In a luxury sedan the suspension is usually designed with an emphasis on comfort, but the result is a vehicle that rolls and pitches while driving and during turning and braking. In sports cars, where the emphasis is on control, the suspension is designed to reduce roll and pitch, but comfort is sacrificed.

Bose engineers took a unique approach to solving this problem, and the result is an entirely new approach to suspension design.

The solution we discovered

Comparison of factory-installed and Bose® suspension system

Two vehicles of the same make and model are driven over a bump course at night.

The vehicle on the top has the original factory-installed suspension, and the vehicle on the bottom has the Bose suspension system. Both vehicles are being driven at the same speed.